Integrally-Informed Moving Image Metrics

for Minimizing Risk,

Maximizing Creativity and Profit, and Optimizing Viewer Experience


META-CINEMETRICS is an integrally-informed moving image content analysis approach that uses a unique methodology that can potentially help to minimize risk while maximizing creativity, profit and viewer experience. It was developed by the Integral Cinema Project and its lead researcher Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D. as a result of several years of research into how psychological, cultural, and social patterns are embedded in moving image works including movies, television series, commercials, viral videos, and videogames.

During this research we discovered common patterns among works that have been critically, financially, historically, and/or socially successful. We then developed these discoveries into a methodology for analyzing scripts and moving image content at all phases of development and production that appears to be able to more accurately predict the potential success of a moving image work including innovative and original material. Since current approaches tend not to be able to measure original works and often hinder the very innovation that can fuel success, this new method has the potential to transcend the boundaries between creative and business interests, giving creative stakeholders the freedom to innovate while offering business stakeholders a way of valuing this innovation.

As we continue historical research across multiple domains, current ongoing research includes real-time testing of the Meta-Cinemetrics approach through the Integral Cinema Projectís non-profit Research Partnership Program. Research Partners participate in the program by using the Meta-Cinemetrics products and services on their current moving image projects and report on their experience and the outcome of the applications of these products and services. Research Partners help cover the cost of this ongoing research by making tax-deductible contributions to the program for each product and service they test.

For more on the Meta-Cinemetrics approach see the Meta-Cinemetrics White Paper.


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* Meta-Cinematric Services are only offered through our Research Partner Program. Research Partners will be required to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement committing to not disseminate the knowledge acquired from their experience to others for personal or financial gain. Partners will also be asked to report the results of their explorations in the form surveys, questionnaires, and interviews.



The Integral Cinema Project Research Partnership Program has non-profit status through our fiscal sponsors, the San Francisco Film Society and Fractured Atlas Arts Group.